Computer Donation Program

We are committed to help our community in computer literacy. Recipients of donated computers are active non-profit computer labs in churches and families or individuals who are unable to afford this essential technology. With the help of computer donors and generosity of Microsoft Corporation we are able to deliver refurbished computers with latest software completely free of charge.

For Donors:

If you would like to donate a computer, please make sure its minimum specifications are as follows:

We accept desktops, laptops and tablets
Processor (CPU): Dual Core or better (both AMD or Intel are ok)
Memory (RAM): 2GB or more
Hard Disc (HDD): 60GB or more
Monitor: flat screen
Please include mouse and keyboard only if they are in good shape. We provide new USB keyboard and USB optical mouse in most cases.
Printer: at this moment we only accept Brother Inkjet printers, as we are able to provide recipients with free ink for most models.

By donating your computer you agree with our choice of donation destination. You are welcome to provide us with a sticker, which will say Hardware donated by…..

All computers data are completely wiped to meet HIPPA destruction standards.
All computers are cleaned of internal dust and its surfaces sanitized.

If you would like donate and drop of your computer, please call Martin @ 409-351-1173 or email:

For Recipients:

Our priority destinations for donated computers are active community computer labs with free citizen access to computers and computer education. Secondary destinations are families and individuals who are simply unable to afford to buy or gain access to a computer.
If you are one of the above, please fill this simple form to tell us more about your need:

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