Online Backup managed online backup service – updated

In rise of online threats to your data we now provide free online backup for all of our managed IT customers. It is completely free for your work and personal computers. All of our non-managed IT customers can subscribe at small yearly fee.

What is this backup good for? You can use it to protect all your important documents including files on Google Drive, DropBox or OneDrive which are not immune to malware or ransomware.

Please download and install from here:

Upon installation you will be asked to create your account. Please use secure password and make a note of your username and password – you will need it to restore files to new computer just in case your current computer become inaccessible.

Note to metered connection users, such as mobile broadband subscribers: Online backup has the potential to use too much of your monthly data allocation and cause overage fees. Please verify that you have either unlimited data or backup only files to your usage within the limit.

Backup size: Please do not backup large files, such as videos or large picture libraries. We reserve the right limit accounts exceeding 25GB per PC.

Do you need help with backup install and/or setup? Please download and open our support module at and text 40935111173 with your request for help.

Please use comment section below, if you have more questions regarding our online backup.